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NC - Triangle Region
Thin Stray Horse in Harnett County Finds Refuge before the Storm via a Collaborative Effort of People and Organizations
January 24, 2013:
We have a new arrival today from Harnett County! Kinsey has been loose and on her own since early December, and no one was able to catch her. Thanks to a good Samaritan in the area, Deborah Gillis, bringing hay/feed to her since Sunday when told of her, and to Tori and Justin McLeod of NCSMART for their help with roundpen panels and gentle coaxing, the mare was easily caught this morning and brought to USERL quarantine/rehab barn. She is thin, and very timid. We will update with more info later! 

Donations for her care can be made via paypal below.  Please type "For Kinsey" in the note box.
February 6, 2013:
The stray, now named "Kinsey", is doing very well.  It took a week of very patient work with her to gently get a break-a-way halter on.  She has obvious trauma around her ears possibly from ear twitching (one ear is split) and is also very fearful around her mouth, so it took longer than usual to train around these issues.  She leads okay, so has had some handling, but her fearful and untrusting attitude towards people shows us she's been handled very roughly in her past.
Kinsey is young, estimated to be 15 months to 2 years old by the very brief glimpse of her teeth.  As we work on her mouth issues more, we'll get a better idea of her age.  She is super cute and getting more and more personable every day with more handling.  Training sessions to prepare her for a veterinary exam will proceed now.  This was delayed due to her fearful nature, making it impossible to do a veterinary exam thus far without reinforcing her fear of people; therefore, it was decided to wait until she could handle it since she has no obvious injuries/illness other than old scars on her legs as well as her face from a halter that grew too small, severe rainrot, lice, internal parasites and underweight.  She is gaining weight easily, so illness has been ruled out as a cause for her weight loss.  We are very happy to see her progression in handling and with her small steps in trusting humans once again.  Kinsey is going to be a great little horse after rehabilitation and time training her!