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December 7, 2012:
HSUS and Sampson County contacted USERL to house and rehabilitate a mare surrendered during an animal cruelty investigation.  The mare, about 5 years old, is emaciated. 
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Sampson County Mare, December ;7, 2012:  Donations for her can be made at PayPal Link to right, or to our mailing address under "contacts" in the above menu.
December 8, 2012:
Update for new mare!  She's doing well, but very weak and needed assistance to stand this morning after laying down for a nap (Thank You Dan Hurley of Pipers Tavern, and Billy Presley and Ricky Carrol of Zebulon for your help!).  She has a BLM freeze brand, below, that shows her birth year as 2005 and a Mustang, so she is 7 years old.  She also has old wounds on her front and hind right that indicate a severe injury that wasn't treated.  We learned that she was tethered within a small enclosure with trash/glass.  But luckily, she is sound at her (slow) walk at this time.  The old injury will be evaluated as she gains energy for a lameness exam.  The owner surrendered her, as he had suffered a stroke and could not care for her any longer. 
Her freezebrand indicates she is a 7 year old BLM Mustang from Arizona.
She's been on video surveillance and is doing very well eating her small hay meals.  Here, she rests while standing.  Whenever she lays down she is monitored to see if she will need assistance standing when she's done napping.
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NC - Triangle Region

December 10, 2012:
The Mustang mare, now named "Isis", is continuing to improve and has some sparkle in her eyes now.  Her diarrhea has resolved and massive amounts of dirt have been passed over the weekend (for some reason, this is a mustang behavior, to eat large amounts of dirt when forage isn't available).  Her hay meals have slowly been increased and she's shown no signs of colic.  Today, very small multiple meals 4 hours apart of concentrate have been added.  She is now quite lively when someone comes to the barn (it's means "food"!).  Isis has needed assistance getting up every time she lays down, but now she only requires the hind part of the sling to help her up in the rear (and us positioning her front legs out front).  It is hopeful Isis will continue to improve steadily for a full recovery!
Left:  Her hind right leg has an large old scar that will be evaluated later.  Her front right also has a scar, but not as significant as the hind.  She doesn't appear to have any lameness issues, but hard to evaluate currently.  It took several days of gentle cleaning to remove all the diarrhea.

Right:  Isis is perkier now and interested in her surroundings.  She's very sweet but has a low tolerance for human contact and lets us know when she's done with our ministering to her needs by nipping.  Low stress is important right now, so after a firm "no", we leave her alone so as not to agitate her.   Time will tell how much she's been handled when she's feeling better.

Below:  Isis enjoys her hay after a calm grooming session, which she adores so much she will stop eating and stare sleepily in contentment.  Louse removal has begun and the grooming sessions help relieve the itching.

December 12, 2012:
After laying down twice on Saturday to rest, Isis fought laying down through Sunday and finally, worn out, laid down at 1:20am Monday.  She was too worn out from being up over 24 hrs to lift her back up, so, after checking vitals which remained good, Isis was supported through the night down and resting.  She was turned over every 1 1/2 hours to maintain bloodflow in her legs and prevent nerve/muscle damage, propped up in a sternal position with hay bales to to prevent damage to organs, and fed hay and a gruel to keep her energy up. 
The attempt to lift her early in the morning, with just the sling for the rear failed as she was still too tired.  With the full sling, she was lifted easily and able to stand on her own again!  This sling has been a lifesaver for Isis, and she is a good candidate to use it for with her young age and strong good vital signs.  A Big Thank You to the "NC Veterinary Medical Association" for awarding the funds for this sling!

Today, Isis is stronger and after laying down early this morning was lifted with help only in the rear.  She's enjoying her walks around the farm and grazing!  Isis is on low banamine dosages for aches and pains to help her through this, and ulcerguard to prevent ulcers from stress.  Donations for her high expenses are greatly appreciated!  She has a long road to recovery...
Isis rests while preparations are made to life her in the sling.
Needing some much needed rest early Monday morning, Isis is comfy propped up with blanket covered hay bales and fresh hay for snacking.
Tuesday, Isis enjoys some walking and grazing around the farm getting some fresh air and exercise.

December 18-19. 2012:
Isis has steadily improved through this week, only needing slight assistance to stand to keep her steady. She enjoys being outside as much as possible which helps her build strength. Isis lays down about twice daily for long naps. But today, for the first time, after napping in the warm sun in her favorite spot, she got up all by herself! The look on her face says it all - "Look what I just did!".
Isis today after getting up all by herself without needing someone to steady her. What a look of relief on her face!
Yesterday, Isis napping and snacking in the sun.
Isis enjoys her sun naps while outside and always has hay to snack on if she wishes to.
This photo is about 30 minutes after her first successful attempt to stand on her own. Still happy and relieved!
Isis walks by and takes a quick sip of her water. Treatments for her gastric ulcers appear to be working as she's eating much better! Treatment will continue for several more weeks to prevent them returning.

January 3, 2013:
Isis is doing very well!  Gaining weight and, now, out of quarantine, meeting new friends.   She continues to be monitored for and treated for her gastric ulcers upon arrival, and is continuing to make headway in overcoming that issue.  Isis is also continuing to be able to get up by herself after laying down for a nap!    She is appreciative of her grooming sessions (and Food!), but continues to be wary of new people (typical of a BLM Mustang). 
Isis has gained 100 pounds since her arrival!  She needs several hundred pounds more at minimum to be at her optimum weight. 

March 3, 2013:
Isis is doing great!  What a personality on this gal.  She's super curious about everything and has done well in acclimating to busy farm life and doesn't run away when strangers enter the property anymore.  She's very in tune with the volunteers/caretakers at the farm and bubbles with excitement when they arrive.  The foster farm owner plays tag with her which she really enjoys!  
Her weight gain really took off after the severe gastric ulcers were resolved, currently having gained almost 300 lbs.  She is much more stable on her legs now and has started hoof trims which she is doing very well with.  Her front ligaments need to tighten back up more before any serious training work can begin for her .  And we will continue to watch for any lameness issues on her right, scarred legs as she progresses.  Thus far, lameness has not been observed except for a very slight "stiffness" in her right hind - the worst scarred leg.

Thank you to "Healing Touch for Animals" who has been out throughout her rehab to work on her (Isis responds very well to it!). 

April 6, 2013:
Isis had her first turnout with a group of horses today - what a show!  She is doing wonderful and was getting so active that it was time.  We wanted to give her a good 60 days ulcer-free, as well as a "mental break" from equine demands before changing up her routine.  Isis has really blossomed with energy and zest for life the past several months!  Watching her today, she does still have a very slight "hitch" in her gait, likely from the large scars from old injuries from being tethered.  But it is very slight, so she is a good candidate for a trail riding horse.  She still needs to build more strength in her pastern tendons/ligaments, as they were very weakened from severe malnutrition.  But after much improvement with good nutrition, she should continue to strengthen them.

She will still come in at night to rest and recharge, but will spend her days out with a herd.  Isis is ready now for a foster home!  If you are interested, please contact us at:
Isis "posing" for the camera.  She's been shedding since January to rid her body of all that old hair.
What's over here?
Meeting new friends...
Is this buffet all mine?