Triangle Horses Available for Adoption
These horses are available for adoption and are located right here in the Triangle Region.  All USERL horses available for adoption across NC and in VA, Kentucky, Indiana and Iowa can be seen on USERL's main website

For information about adopting from USERL, go Here for common questions and answers. 

If you are interested in a horse, send your name, address and contact information to, and the adoption coordinator will contact you about applications and the adoption process.
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Ground Training only:
These horses are either too young to train to saddle yet (USERL policy is minimum 3 yrs. of age before a horse can be ridden) or have received basic training for ground manners (halter, leading, standing, farrier work, etc.) and need additional training for riding and are on a trainer's waiting list to receive it.  However, if you can provide a good home and professional training, there are likely horses here that would match your needs and have great potential!  
Companion Horses:
Most of these horses can no longer be ridden due to mild health issues, while some may be used for light riding or lead line.  They all, however, would be wonderful companions to your lonely horse or as a gentle horse for someone to groom and love as a pet. 
Click on the photos below for details on the horses!

Started under saddle ("green"):
These horses have received basic ground training and have begun training under saddle.  Professional training may be needed for some to continue their good start.

Trained under saddle:
These horses are trained to ride under saddle. 
"Little Mama"
Currently in Training
"Red Butler"