Donated items and Funds are Tax Deductible!

For monetary donations, visit our USERL Donation Page at the main USERL website.
Below is a list of most common needs for the Triangle Region.  Occasionally, needs for a specific case is listed for unusual items. 

Hay: Fescue, Orchard, Timothy; no coastal please (the rehab horses have a harder time with coastal hay).  Round and square bales accepted.  If you want to make a direct monetary donation for hay, you can donate directly to our hay supplier, Jones Farm.
Horseshoe Bend Hay Farm (919-528-5690) in Wake Forest has a Donation Matching Program (buy one to donate, they match it!).

Feed: USERL quarantine and rehab barns use Blue Seal, Pennfield and some Purina feeds.  Please email us to find out what is needed if interested in donating feed. 

Bedding: Both quarantine foster farms go through many bags of shavings a week housing USERL horses.  The pelleted bedding is also used.

Dewormer: USERL horses go through a diligent deworming program once their health is stabilized.  Dewormers used are:  Panacur, Strongid and Ivermectin and Equimax.  Panacur Powerpak's are also used.  Generic brands of those listed above are acceptable.

Bandage Material:  Many USERL horses have injuries upon arrival and go through large amounts of bandage material.  Cotton and disposable bandage material is used.
      Cotton Sheets (both reusable and disposable)
      Roll Gauze
      Sterile Pads (large)
      Polo Wraps
      Baby Diapers (medium and large)
      Duct Tape

Medical Supplies:  The most commonly used medical supplies used are Nolvasan Scrub and Betadine Solution.

Halters & LeadlinesThe horses do not come to USERL with a halter and leadline - it is provided by USERL for each horse as it comes in.  All size halters needed new & used (as long as it's functional and hardware is still intact). 

Blankets and Sheets:  Many of the thin horses are blanketed in colder weather.  All sizes needed.  Must be intact and in working order, please.

Miscellaneous Items: Brushes (all types), shampoos, de-tangler/coat conditioner spray, clippers, Flyspray, Buckets, Water Troughs, etc.

Tack Items:  Once a year, the Triangle participates in the Equestrian Exchange - a large consignment sale of used horse tack and related items (Raleigh Fairgrounds - every September.  Check website for 2009 date).  All monies raised through the sale go directly to the horses!  Any horse tack or related items are accepted (must be in good repair and in working order).  

Corral Panels:  USERL has been busy this year, and many stallions and special needs horses have come through our doors here in the Triangle.  Quarantine farms need round pens to allow these horses free time and fresh air while isolating them from other horses.  Corral Panels work best as it allows USERL to move them from one quarantine farm to another as needed, or to fresh grass areas so they can graze during turnout in quarantine.
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